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The Wichita Independents' Team Rules

  1. 1. Uniforms to be tucked in.
  2. 2. White Socks to be worn with your uniform.
  3. 3. All caps to be worn properly, not backwards or sideways.
  4. 4. No alcoholic beverages at any Special Olympics competition or events, hotel rooms, or trips. Any athlete caught with alcohol will be suspended.
  5. 5. No tobacco products at any Special Olympics competitions or events. No smoking during games or practices. Please do not smoke during opeing and closing ceremonies. No smoking in rooms. Any athlete breaking this rule will be disciplined.
  6. 6. Cussing or profanity will not be allowed.
  7. 7. Do not argue with umpires or officials.
  8. 8. Please leave facilities clean, help coaches pick up trash, and equipment.
  9. 9. All athletes must travel with the team. Athletes may not leave or have special meals brought to them. If any athlete requires a special diet, inform the coaches or directors and arrangements will be made to supply the appropriate meal.
  10. 10. Athletes must stay with the team for the entire trip. Parents may not take their athlete without approval from a director or coach. A signed waiver must be signed releasing the Wichita Independents of any responsibility. (see attachment)
  11. 11. The athletes are required to attend 75% of all practices and games. Attendance will be recorded.
  12. 12. Athletes may not have their non-participating children traveling with us on our trips.
  13. 13. On overnight trips all male-female fellowship must be outside of motel or hotel rooms.
  14. 14. Always show good sportsmanship. Remember you are representing yourself, The Wichita Independents, The South Central area of Kansas, and the Special Olympics.
  15. 15. In the event the need for discipline occurs, (usually for personal behavior) the athlete will be suspended at the time of the infraction until the facts can be determined. At least 2 directors will be present and, if possible, the parent and/or guardian. An immediate decision will be made for the remainder of the trip. Once the trip is over all interested parties will meet and decide on what is best for both the athlete and the Wichita Independents.
  16. 16. Winning isn't everything. If you do your best, have fun, and demonstrate good sportsmanship, then you are a WINNER!