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Welcome to The Wichita Independents!

Wichita Independents

The Wichita Independents are a not-for-profit organization, not associated with any public service, relying on an all volunteer staff, donations, and fund raisers. We are headed by a Director and a Board of Directors who all volunteer their time. We also encourage parents to get involved with coaching the athletes, helping with fund raisers, and being supportive of all athletes regardless of which team they may be on.

We provide competitive sporting activities for handicapped children and adults. The sporting events are designed so any and all athletes can compete. Many of our sporting activities encourage team participation to enhance the athletes abilities and work together toward a common goal. The Wichita Independents staff are supportive of the athletes becoming a positive asset to the community. Our reward is seeing the improvement of our athletes.

The Wichita Independents participate in Special Olympics Regional and State Tournaments.

Kansas Special Olympics provides year round sports training, education, and athletic competition in a variety of sports. It is for children and adults who are mentally challenged, giving them opportunities to experience the sharing of skills and friendships, both with families and athletes in order to be a valuable asset to the community.

Please do not forget to check out the events page and/or calendar for upcoming sports and/or activities.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please do not hesitate to get into contact with The Wichita Independents or with the Kansas Special Olympics.

Thank You!